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Invincibility & Power: Part 1

invincibility power

Invincibility. Invincibility is the quality of being too powerful to be defeated or overcome. To be powerful is to have formidable strength. Formidable strength

What does it take to experience invincibility or this kind of power?

Are you feeling defeated or overcome in any area of your life? If so, it would be tough not to feel that way in today's environment. You might be like many people right now. Experiencing everything from mild irritation or inconvenience -- all the way to feeling crushed.  

So, how do you create the kind of strength you need to not be defeated or overcome? How can you experience enough power to be able to succeed? To overcome the odds? How can you be strong while you are coping with circumstances you have no control over?

The First Step

  1. Don't Argue with Reality

Reality: the world or the state of things as they actually exist (as opposed to what we feel, our opinions, or our perceptions of things). 

Okay, so reality hands you a particular set of conditions. But, even if unconsciously, you choose not to see those conditions as they are. 

You refuse to look at or believe the facts about the circumstances. You argue out loud or silently with those facts. You shake your head, mumbling, "fake news," "overreaction," "why can't people just XXX?" You tell yourself, "it's not as bad as it seems," "we need to think more positively." Or maybe you text people who will agree with you. They confirm your point of view (full transparency - my sister and I almost always validate each other's pov, and sometimes that feels good). When you do this, you cannot be invincible. You cannot be powerful if you: 

  • choose to ignore the facts
  • shoot the messenger
  • bury your head in the sand and wait for the storm to pass
  • tell yourself a defeatist story about the facts
  • worry about things that haven't actually happened
  • only create worst-case scenarios for the future 

You cannot be invincible if you're arguing with (or ignoring) reality.

No one ever wins an argument against reality.


This "argument" takes up precious time you could be crafting your plans for effectively handling those circumstances (We'll talk about this kind of planning in our next blog).  

How do you stop arguing with reality?

You start by accepting things precisely the way that they are, and precisely the way that they aren't. 

You can't do this unless you look squarely at the facts. That means you must first get the facts. You do your own research. You read various sources, you talk to people who have different information and ideas than you. Then you create an informed opinion. 

Once you have an informed opinion, you design actions, practices, and behaviors that respond appropriately and effectively to the reality you find yourself in.

Next topic: Appropriate actions, practices, and behaviors. 

Let me know what's happening in your world. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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