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Getting Started

A comprehensive support framework to make some Sh*t happen with your overwhelming to-do list and overdue projects. Knock them out!

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Why, when we are smart and dedicated people, do we have so much difficulty changing (and/or sustaining those changes)?

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The Enneagram Leadership Profile is an excellent tool for beginning the hard work of realizing, owning, and accepting where you are brilliant and where you need work.

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Executive Performance Coaching

Produce extraordinary results, crank up your practices, dial-up your structural integrity, TRANSFORM your business and your life.

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Our Executive Coaching Program is for executives and senior leaders who are committed to unlocking the highest level of human performance for themselves, their teams, and their firms.

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Organizational Performance

When purpose, behavior, actions, and practices align, your organization has access to an unrivaled leadership advantage.

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Stay #ConsciouslyConnected.

For 25 years, I've been collecting performance data, anecdotes, and experience. In my upcoming book, I'll be exploring the nitty-gritty of what it takes to create and sustain change and high performance. Until then, I'll be sharing powerful tools, resources, and recommendations for those of you looking to lead BOTH a life of impact AND a life of profound satisfaction.

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