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Johnip Cua,
former Chair at P&Gers Fund Inc.

I spent one week per quarter over the course of a year to learn "Leadership of the Future" from Andrea. I found her to be extremely effective and transformational. She helped me lead the business and organization of Procter & Gamble Philippines into greater heights; record results that became the benchmarks of the industry.

I have worked with Andrea in a number of settings. In 2005, I worked with Andrea where she was a senior facilitator in a 4 week course throughout a year in one of JMW’s executive course. She was excellent with her mastery of JMW technology and in her ability to share to intellect with others.

Over the past 12 months or so, I worked with Andrea as an executive coach. In this capacity, she has been very insightful and handled various difficult conversations in a constructive and helpful manner. Andrea has a genuine and innate capacity to bring the best out of others.

Euclides (Clay) Soares,
Principal Consultant at ECS Oil & Gas Consulting LLC

Dave Peterson,
Managing Member at Inn-Ovation Hotel Group

Andrea is someone who I highly recommend. As a senior consultant at JMW she has developed curriculum for and worked with senior leaders of top companies throughout the world to develop leadership, a new capacity for breakthrough results and impacted organizational performance. If you are looking to develop leadership and produce outstanding results I highly recommend working with her.

Andrea is a powerful coach with impeccable integrity. She is skilled in inspiring others to action and producing results -- both individually and through others.

Sheila Ferguson,
COO at JUARA Skincare

Tony M. Orlando,
President at Bridgestone Agriculture Tire

Andrea is a real joy to work with. She is extremely effective, listens very well and is trustworthy. She has a knack for taking what seems like a complex issue and turn it into a simple yet powerful solution. Having been exposed to others in her field, I can confidently say that Andrea is one of, if not the, best.

Andrea is truly one of the most effective coaches that I have ever worked with. I have had the pleasure of working with her in many different settings. She is a great listener and has provided me with invaluable insight and counsel. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who would like to get better insight into their internal motivation or to achieve results at a superior level. I look forward to working with Andrea again in the future.

Cheryl Ginyard-Jones,
Head, Growth and Performance for the Americas at Worley

Adam Smith Albion,
Executive Director at South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA)

Andrea was a faculty member at the annual regional workshop of the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA) in January 2014, and her teaching and mentoring presence during the ten days of the program were the ingredients that made it the best leadership academy I have ever experienced. She cranked up the excitement with innovative approaches to matters of ultimate personal concern -- purpose, authenticity, trustworthiness, fulfilling one's potential and promise -- and she never feared to lead participations along an edgier, emotionally higher-return path than would have happened if we had the usual formulaic-type course. She raised everyone's game and won the love and respect of everyone in the room.

Andrea is an outstanding coach who applies a deep thoughtfulness with intelligence to enable her clients to produce results beyond the expected. I regard her as one of the most exciting thinkers with whom I have had the pleasure to work, and that she brings a dynamic energy to all her clients projects. I highly recommend her.

Phillida Fleming,
Partner at FirstHuman

Vickie Neighbour,
Director at Good Neighbour Foundation

Andrea Bednar worked with me and my family to prepare for our multi-generational family meeting. She helped me understand how to set an agenda using the values profiles she took of each participant. The insight she offered completely changed the pattern of our previous meetings and made for a much better, more effective, more inclusive time together. Andrea is a talented, professional and valuable asset.

Andrea and I have known each other for a while, and I've come to respect her talent and commitment for her client's success. She's adept, smart, and only committed to the best results for everyone engaged in her platforms. She's personable, delightful, and always seeking the bigger goal, and knows how to cultivate what's needed to bring the desired results. Andrea's a FIVE STAR talent, and brings her skilled talents to the table in every endeavor engaged.

Paul Kostial,
Founder & Managing Partner at Audience Innovation

Farhad Karamally,
Chief Executive Officer at Funverks Global

I feel privileged to have attended and learnt some simple yet very powerful tools and concepts from Andrea at the South East Asia Leadership Academy. Andrea is an authentic soul who practices what she promotes by putting it into ‘deliberate practices’ herself. My belief in her teachings grew when I noticed how she would stretch herself by taking inputs, suggestions and feedback to further excel in what she has mastered.

Interacting with her would help people enhance the quality of their lives, become more self aware and be able to lead themselves through greater conviction and authenticity. If this is not leadership what is!