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While life and work can be busy or difficult, being conscious to the complexity makes it interesting.

Andrea Bednar

Andrea Bednar

Executive Consultant, Program Design and Leader, 

Master Integral Coach
Intervening in business as usual by developing extraordinary human leaders

Dive into conscious business leadership with Andrea Bednar, a seasoned expert with over 30 years of immersive experience in performance consulting, executive presence, executive coaching, and leadership development. Her journey spans continents, partnering with enterprise and Fortune 100 clients, crafting impactful solutions that transcend boundaries.


Author of the highly acclaimed 'Mastering the Art of Small Changes for Big Results' and the eagerly awaited 'Doing: How Leaders Harness the Power of Conscious Action,’ set to be released in 2024, Andrea is a beacon of innovation and progress. Her collaboration with C-suite and senior leaders isn't just about achieving goals – it's a passionate expedition into deliberate, conscious action to foster sustainable growth and innovation, profoundly impacting every stakeholder involved.

Andrea's dynamic approach: hundreds of leadership development programs tailored for diverse industries and cultures. She has prominently left her mark in oil and gas, construction, and engineering. Her purpose-built methodology is the secret sauce, facilitating measurable, sustainable business outcomes while nurturing adaptive learning and personal growth.

Whether guiding top-tier executives, leading senior teams, or engaging in one-on-one sessions, Andrea's approach is an ensemble of tailored strategies. It's about measurable performance fostered through open dialogue, generous listening, and accountability while integrating academic assessments and models.

Andrea's wealth of experience in consulting, coaching, adaptive, and applied learning is the cornerstone of her craft. She designs and delivers interventions and development strategies that are not just right but right on time, adapting to her client's unique needs as they evolve.

When she's not immersed in her professional endeavors, Andrea finds inspiration at her ranch in North Texas with her husband, Tim, and their Great Pyrenees, Hewbie and Wally. Family is at the heart of her life; she cherishes her bond with her three children and seven grandchildren.

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