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This week's blog is an inquiry and an opportunity for new practices.

I don't know who said this, "Philosophy teaches us how to act, not how to talk" (although I heard it from Ryan Holiday). If we want our philosophy to matter, we must put it into practice, not just study it or spout it. To paraphrase Epictetus, one of the Roman Stoics, "The opportunity isn't just to practice, or isn't just to learn, but to train."

So, when we start learning, we must also practice and train to take full advantage of the learning. 

For your journaling, this week's inquiry:

  • What are the places where you are learning without practice?
  • Where are you practicing without learning? 
  • In which learning areas could you add practice(s)?
  • Which practices have become rote or habitual? What learning could you add to deepen and enhance your practice, and how would you do that?

This week, I invite you to examine where you are learning without practice and where you are practicing but not learning.

Let me know what this inquiry opens up by sharing your insights below. 

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