When purpose, behavior, actions, and practices align, your
organization has access to an unrivaled leadership advantage

Leaders have been trained to focus on producing results. It’s what you get paid for. It’s how you are measured. Having your attention on results has been important and productive (and rewarded).

But we are no longer living in an era where a simple focus on "get 'er done" is going to work. The landscape for organizations is evolving. Quickly.

Organizations are being called on to take social stances. To take action regarding diversity. To respect all your stakeholders' interests. To commit, inspect, and report your impact on the climate. To consider your CEO's as not just ambassadors of your business, but whether their Twitter feed represents the commitments of the business. To be prepared with well-thought-through scenarios for your business, no matter what circumstances with which you are faced.

Organizations are coming to realize that a single-minded focus on the bottom line can (and likely will) have seriously negative repercussions. Doing so has produced organizations and people engaged in short-term thinking, driving and sacrificing for immediate results, taking shortcuts (or the “most efficient” path) for results delivery, disengaged workforces, loss of trust in institutions, but particularly, a sacrifice to our personal and organizational purpose and values.


At AndreaBednar.com, our work is training and developing leaders to #evolve. Collaborating with leaders to design, practice, and sustain conscious action.

We are builders -- building skills, building mastery, and building consciousness -- building leaders and organizations so they experience the satisfaction of delivering their mission (and results) while empowering their stakeholders. 

We do this through consulting, leadership development, co-design, and executive coaching. Every engagement is customized and designed for each organization and each leadership team. 

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